Orloff Lowenbach Stifelman & Siegel P.A.

About Us

Our Approach

Law firms that measure their success by size sometimes sacrifice consistent service standards and lose the interpersonal familiarity that fosters the best match-up between lawyer competencies and client needs.

At OLSS, we have been following a different path for over 40 years. From the beginning, our goal has been to offer sophisticated clients an alternative to the large law firms. Growth for us is measured one client and one lawyer at a time. We also deliberately employ a relatively small number of junior attorneys compared to the large law firms. This means at OLSS, no client will be interacting with a “B-team.” We don’t have one. It also means that we offer a high level of attorney continuity. Lower attorney turnover allows OLSS to provide clients with a higher level of service and increased cost efficiency.

We are certainly not the largest or the oldest firm in the metropolitan New Jersey/New York region, but we have an outstanding reputation for our skilled lawyers, producing quality work and attracting first class clients. How did we earn that reputation? By holding fast to the core values and approach to business adopted by the founders of OLSS in 1975:

  • Focus on growing our personal relationship with each client
  • Find the way to add value to the client’s business
  • Respond promptly to every client
  • Hire carefully, one attorney at a time
  • Staff matters leanly and work hard
  • Foster collaboration and teamwork among our practice groups
  • Keep the cost of our services down by investing in talent and keeping overhead low
  • Be entrepreneurial and nimble

Our experience and expertise across a wide variety of industries has allowed OLSS attorneys to be involved in transactions, litigation and trusts and estates matters locally, regionally and nationally. Our clients vary from Fortune 500 corporations to closely-held, family-owned businesses, and most everything in between. We are committed to being personally accessible and responsive to all of them.